Waste Management at Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute

Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute in Nairobi, Kenya with the support of Don Bosco Tech Africa and coordination by AFE province through the Don Bosco Development Outreach Network, completed the fabrication of waste bins. This project marked a significant achievement in promoting waste management and environmental sustainability in the community while working towards achieving a Green Campus, Green Community and Green Culture. The collaboration between these organizations highlights the importance of working together towards a cleaner and greener future.

The fabrication of waste bins by Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute showcases the dedication and skills of the students and staff involved in the project. Through hands-on experience and practical training, the institute has not only contributed to waste management efforts but has also provided valuable learning opportunities for the participants. The successful completion of this activity demonstrates the positive impact that vocational education can have on both individuals and the community. By actively engaging in such projects, Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute is setting an example for other institutions to follow in promoting environmental consciousness and responsibility.

During the commissioning of the fabricated waste bins, in attendance were DBTA (Matthews Wafula), DBDON (Vivian Muthoni and Nicole Choka), the Don Bosco Boys Town School Management (Br. Francis Mulu and Madam Jacqueline Watila), the Green Facilitator (Pius Mutemi) and the Green Club Members.