UCSH, Chile builds a therapeutic medicinal garden

In the Campus Lo Cañas of the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez(UCSH) in Chile, there is an ecological space built by the students, they have called it "Weliwen" which means New Dawn in Mapudungun. Students of the subjects of "Phytotherapy and Nursing" and "Elaboration of phytotherapeutic products in kinesiology" in which they made circular vegetable gardens, healing gardens, greenhouses and vermiculture to later replicate this experience in the Family Health Center (CESFAM) Carol Urzúa together with the officials of the health area.

What did they do?

They built a therapeutic medicinal garden.


With tools and medicinal plants that they moved from the ecological space UCSH WELIWEN to the CESFAM Carol Urzúa. Through joint work, training workshops and discussions. 

The new dawn that is born from their hearts every day is materialized in a teamwork, systematic and continuous. They seek to be responsible with the environment by creating awareness and environmental education.

Harmony and peace in a natural environment contributes to improve the quality of life of the entire UCSH community and institutions with which they can link.

The main problem is the high level of stress among CESFAM employees.

The cause is multiple, highlighting the post-pandemic labor demand, the social economic context of our country and the large number of patients served by this health care center.