Ecological Action at Recanto da Cruz Grande School, Brazil

On November 16 and 17, the school's pupils and students from the Project at Recanto da Cruz Grande School in Brazil carried out an "Ecological Action" to raise awareness and clean up the area around their institution. This simple gesture of caring for nature and the neighborhood was intended to demonstrate their commitment to a healthier, less polluted and more respectful world. They also made their small contribution to the environment in which we live, and the little ones need to learn from an early age to be the guardians of our planet. “We've seen how their hearts are more sensitive and open to accepting the rules that are already obvious in some countries. We are concerned about the attitude of many adults who, unfortunately, by their example do not educate their children to take care of the planet, our common good. We congratulate our maintenance team, the school's teaching staff and the project coordinators for joining forces to protect our common home. One more thing to be thankful for!”