Environmental Care Week focused on the importance of Clean Energy

From June 3 to 7, Environmental Care Week was held at Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca, Chile, with the aim of promoting greater awareness and commitment to caring for the environment, promoting concrete actions that reflect the principles of integral ecology and responsibility towards creation, focused in the year 2024 on the importance of clean energy.

Science teacher Nicole Rojas pointed out that taking care of the environment implies responsibility not only as a social duty, but also due to the deep roots of faith and spirituality.  

“Let us remember that lording over creation does not mean exploiting it without consideration. The true essence of this teaching is to be wise and compassionate stewards. “God has entrusted us with his creation, and our mandate is to manage it in a way that preserves its integrity, beauty, and ability to sustain life,” the professor added when delivering her message in the Good Morning special.

During the week, to inspire changes in behavior and sustainable habits that contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the well-being of present and future generations, on May 31, the first native trees were planted in Villa Pinardi, located in Callejones, with 20 third and fourth year students.  

On June 5 and 7, the Seremi de Energía team, led by Paula Luna, installed a model of energy generation and energy dice, to show students how energy is generated and deliver elements for better use of it. This experience was experienced by all CEST modalities.

The Environmental Care Awareness Week culminated with a special Good Morning, on June 6, where students and the entire educational community were invited to initiate actions regarding adopting sustainable practices on a daily basis, such as reducing consumption. of plastics, save water and energy, and opt for ecological products. The motivation was done through two videos, with the 31-minute characters: Juan Carlos Bodoque and Mico Micofono

In the Buenos Días de Sede Norte, the students who participated in the month of May in the workshop “Environmental leaders at the Latin American level” were honored. They were part of the Sustainable Latin America project, an initiative in which 16 Salesian provinces from Latin America and the Caribbean were involved. 25 students participated in CEST, with teacher Carla Farías as their tutor.

The distinguished students were: José Ojeda, Agustín Sánchez and Guillermo Espinoza from 7°A; Benjamín Farías and Matías Bravo from 7°B; Lukas Arévalo and Cristian Adasme from 8°A; Martín Gajardo and Vicente Ayala from 8°B; Dylan Escalona and Julio Rojas from 1°AHC; Alejandro Céspedes and Nicolás Albornoz from 1°BHC; David Carrasco and Pablo Arcos from 2°AHC; José Gutiérrez and Jaime Rojas from 2°BHC; Hermán Muñoz and Vicente Vergara from 3°AHC; Daniel Retamal and Sebastián Arellano from 3°BHC; Matías Moya and Emilio Morales from 4°AHC; Tomás Gómez and Tomás Castro from 4°BHC

The role of the entire educational community is crucial to achieve commitment to caring for the environment, since environmental education becomes increasingly relevant in teaching about the importance of caring for the planet.

The CEST has the institutional certification that refers to the care of nature, delivered by the Ministry of the Environment, and continues working to establish the culture of care for the common home, among all its members.