Back 2 Nature conference organised by Jugend Eine Welt Austria, SAVE foundation Belgium and SKIP India

The DBGA participated in a 2 day conference titled ‘Back 2 Nature’ held November 24 and 25 at Bangalore, India. 'Back to Nature' is a worldwide Programme which promotes sustainable agriculture as a form of livelihood for marginalized people. The Program aims to reduce forms of cultivation that are harmful to nature and people. Besides the ecological priority there is a special focus on economical sustainability.

 Day 1

The speakers highlighted their experiences in making social impact initiatives financially sustainable. This involves working with various actors such as marketing experts, credit providers, local farmers, etc. Additionally, it's essential to explore different strategies for developing a product.

On Day 2, participants had to choose one of the three separate field-trips.

SELCO India offers solar energy based solutions for poor households in rural India City Green is an AgriTech start-up in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Gourmet Garden specialises in affordable, 100% contamination free, pesticide free naturoponically grown vegetables, organic vegetables procured from certified Partner Farms.

Organic Farming and sustainabliity relies very much on mutual trust. That's one of the reasons for the organisers to use their international network for promoting partnerships between trustworthy partners, landowners and farmers as well as (social) businesses, CSR-partners, impact investors and everyone who can bring expertise to the ONE world, our common home.

Back 2 Nature Programme is an initiative of Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Austria. It started 20 years back in Nepal and supported up to now initiatives in India, Philippines, Mozambique and Sierra Leone.