CEDESP Dom Bosco Vila Paulistana students in Brazil receive sustainability training at LOGA 

On September 22, the Don Bosco Institute's CEDESP Vila Paulistana visited the company LOGA Logística Ambiental de São Paulo S.A., which is responsible for the collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of household and health waste in the Northwest Region of America's most populous city, São Paulo. The Logistics and Marketing classes from the morning and afternoon periods, a total of 49 students and educators, were able to take part in a guided tour of the distribution center with Lucas Borba, Technical Analyst, learning about the environments and how sorting is carried out. In the educational space, Diogenes Pereira led the training with the young people and adults. "During the presentations it became clear that the organic waste collected each day is much more than the recyclable waste collected during the month. While the organic waste varies from 6,000 tons per day, the recyclable waste is 2,000 tons per month. What is really lacking is public awareness of the environmental, economic and social importance of this process!" said Fabiana Santello, Communications Educator at IDB.

"I thought the visit was very good, informative. We have to leave here with a different mindset now, tell our friends and family that you don't throw your garbage away in any way, like glass, it can't be mixed with ordinary garbage, otherwise the Collector could get hurt.I knew LOGA was that big, because when you take a logistics course, you can get an idea, it's like a distribution center, right?I enjoyed the visit!" concluded Thiago B Santos, a student on the VP Logistics course.