Cleaning of plastic waste by Don Bosco Gatenga Green Club

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, as part of their environmental protection activities, members of the Don Bosco Gatenga Green Club participated in cleanup work. They collected plastic and other non-biodegradable waste that degrade natural resources such as water, soil and plants. Unfortunately, most of this waste is thrown into the water channel by the people upstream and ends up spreading downstream where it contributes to environmental damage in general. Members of the Don Bosco Gatenga Green Club use their spare time after classes to collect the waste and sort it so that it can be properly disposed of. Also, in a bid to respond to environmental protection issues, the youngsters who train at the Don Bosco football school in Muhanga district, Shyogwe Sector, specifically at the Scholasticat Kabgayi Oratory, participated in a community volunteer initiative called “Umuganda” on Saturday, March 25. “We always push every child at our football center to understand their responsibility in environmental issues. Today, we learned about differentiating rotting and composting waste and storing it differently. We learned how non-biodegradable waste could damage soil and plants,” said one of the coaches. The Don Bosco football school, which has made environmental education of children among its educational goals, now aims to involve children in tree planting and plans to create an environmental club in the near future.