Sustainable Party at Instituto Dom Bosco (IDB), Brazil

On July 4th the "Arraiá Cummins and IDB" was held at Dom Bosco Institute, Bom Retiro. On this day, the group from Vila Paulistana and guests from Castelinho Cidade Ademar also participated in the party at the Headquarters. The structure so that the party could happen was a partnership between the entity and the company, the celebration happens for the second consecutive year and this time counted with more than a thousand people, in attendance and collaborators within the age group of 06 to 60 years old. The celebration was a show in sustainability, the Don Bosco Green Alliance group, together with the mission of the Cummins Planet 2050 Program gathered strategies and zeroed disposable cups, providing reusable mugs; In addition, the Fishing group, instead of fish, used tires, plastics and cans, because the sea is no place for recyclables. Among other actions, the famous "flags" were made from old magazines and the St. John's balloon was made from fruit boxes.

 The Arraiá(Party) brought together children, youth, adults and seniors and provided typical foods such as corn, hot dogs and various peanut candies, as well as fun fishing, canasta and lots of dancing. The day before and the day after, Cummins Volunteers were present from the peeling of the corn, to the service in the tents and even in the big square dance. The sustainable actions also relied on the creativity of the VP, who brought scraps to customize hairstyles and clothes, and charcoal and urucum to color their faces. The people from CEDESP BR also created a tree made out of hands, on which each person had to write their commitment to nature.

 "I would really like to thank once again the partnership so that this beautiful party in favour of our students was accomplished and that all the sustainable issue that IDB and Cummins cherish so much was put into practice. Thank you Cummins and IDB for providing moments in the lives of our students and I am absolutely sure that our Father and Master Don Bosco is very happy with the work that is done in this unit. Thanks also to all the collaborators who embraced the idea and together we fly in this journey", concluded Marcos Roberto Nunes, Institutional Relationship of the Institute.