Trees, the Sentinels of the Land

Don Bosco College(Co-Ed), Yelagiri Hills

Tamil Nadu, India


Don Bosco College in collaboration with the Forest department and Local Panchayat (the local village council) have participated in a tree plantation in Kotur, Tirupattur District, Tamil Nadu, India. A combined number of 120 people have planted 500 saplings with the help of the students and people. The choice of trees remained endemic to the geography of the region and consisted of Teak, Rosewood and Malabar Neem trees, which were planted with care by the students. During the event, the students learnt the importance of planting trees and their benefits; especially in the present era where planting trees is very much needed. All those who participated in the event have taken an oath to take care of the trees that they have planted and take further action in the field of reforestation.