Tree Planting Exercise in Don Bosco Embu

Through the Global program, DB Tech Africa has been a champion towards promoting a Green Campus, a Green Community and a Green Culture. Don Bosco Technical Secondary School Embu is making great strides towards achieving a Green Campus, Green Community and Green Culture through passing knowledge, incorporating and inculcating the importance of environmental conservation and management to the youth, community and society within Embu.

DB Tech Africa, through the Global program, has been implementing the Green TVET pillar in collaboration with the Planning and Development Office (PDO). A tree nursery was developed in all 5 implementing countries including Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Madagascar and Nigeria.

Don Bosco Embu, Kenya is now taking advantage of the current ongoing rains to carry out a massive afforestation activity within and outside the institution with seedlings supplied by the developed tree nursery. This initiative is a commendable step and crucial towards greening and preserving the environment while promoting sustainability. It is important to note that some of these trees are fruit trees that will provide fruits to be consumed locally by the community. The presence of the fruits will also attract different biodiversity that in the long run may lead to a self-sustaining ecosystem across the board.

The collaboration between DB Tech Africa, the PDO, and the local community in Don Bosco Embu showcases the importance of partnerships in achieving long-term environmental goals.