Celebration of Earth Day at Don Bosco Kep

Kep City, Cambodia – April 2024 – The theme of Mother Earth and her struggles is very much at the heart of Don Bosco Kep. To commemorate the Earth Day, a series of activities were organized with the students such as cleaning, planting of trees, ecological awareness which culminated with the meditation ceremony at 6 pm in front of the Don Bosco Birth House. The focus was to join hands with everyone as Christians, Buddhists, aborigines and other spiritualities, to help them realize that we all first belong to Mother Earth and we all need to responsibily work towards the preservation and survival of our planet. Science and technology are giving clear indications of the environmental hazards that are taking place because of the degradation of Mother Earth. All the Students felt very much that it is vital to invest in the preservation, protection and promotion of our Common Home, our Mother Earth.