CO2 Neutral Don Bosco Center in Colombia!

Don Bosco Mondo reported this on their social media -

“Don Bosco Center in 📌Medellín, Colombia has been CO2 neutral since 2022! 🏠🌱

It is the first Don Bosco facility in the world that has reduced its CO2 footprint to zero and works climate neutral. ♻️💪

To do that, our partners in Medellín first recorded and studied their CO2 emissions. 💡

The next step was to introduce an environmental management system to improve our climate balance with very concrete measures, such as solar panels for green power, a solar thermal plant for hot water and a green area. ☀️💧🌿

This is how Don Bosco inspires the local people in Medellín and is an important pioneer in our Don Bosco family. 🙌

Because the clear goal is to make all Don Bosco facilities worldwide CO2 neutral by 2030! 🏠♻️🌍

As the Don Bosco community, we want to contribute to the future task of all mankind and to envision sustainability, both big and small - for a human-friendly climate and an environment worth living! 🌍🌿💚”