CEST, Chile celebrated and raised awareness of Recycling

In the framework of Recycling Day, which was celebrated on May 17, both Salesianos Talca Educational Center sites held a special Good Morning to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the planet through proper waste management and the development of action policies committed to the care of our Common Home. Recycling Day was established by UNESCO in 2005 to promote this new environmental culture.

In the celebration of Good Morning at Sede Sur, a strong call was made to work for recycling with the formal placement of the Ecocajas, which were presented to all, to encourage the proper use of these, in addition to delivering elements of recycling education. This was led by science teacher Nicolás Ulloa, in charge of the Environmental Committee of CEST, who, in his message, explained to the students and the entire educational community, about how to recycle, giving some examples about plastic. "In the case of plastic, in the city of Talca, we recycle type 1 plastic, which has low density and is in bottles, for example, and type 2, which is high density and is in caps, shampoo bottles, among others".

Professor Nicolás addressed the issue of recycling to educate students on how to make good use of these boxes, since garbage is confused with waste. "These Ecocajas are already installed in each room of the secondary technical-professional education modality, except in the specialty classrooms, and in them paper, cardboard and plastic are deposited, which will be the raw material for a new instrument, in no case is it to deposit garbage, as unfortunately it has been confused", pointed out the science teacher.

In this context, a video was shown about the actions of the Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital in Santiago regarding a program that attends children with oncological problems from all over the country. They are carrying out a campaign to collect plastic caps to support cancer treatments throughout the month of May. CEST is promoting and supporting this campaign, at the end of which all the caps will be delivered to Fundación Nuestras Manos.

In this Buenos Días de Sede Sur, as a motivation of good coexistence, awards were also given to the students who stood out in activities carried out during the Student's Day, in charge of Professor Gabriel Castro. The students awarded were Alexander Lara, Vicente Arcos, Maximiliano Ayala, Cristóbal Fernandoy, Cristóbal Velásquez, Matías Verdugo, Matías Amigo, Bairon Núñez, Bastián Parada, Matías Saavedra, Felipe García, Ítalo Nicolás, Santiago Contreras and Fernando Araujo; all of them participated in the activities of line games, taca-taca, table tennis, triple throw, tennis-football and penalty shootout.

At Sede Norte, in the Humanistic-Scientific High School, the message was given by science teacher Julia Burgos, who encouraged students to participate in all the CEST recycling activities, but also to take part in environmental activities in their homes and neighborhoods.

In the Basic Education modality, which is constituted by the Brigade of environmentalist students, the students were sensitized even more to learn how to recycle, since they are working since 2021 in this recycling process. The teacher Carla Farias, in charge of the Environmental Committee of CEST, motivated the students to continue in this task, "although there is still much to be done, she asked the children to make a greater commitment to the Common House, which is the Planet, as Pope Francis points out, because recycling is not only done in the classroom, it is also done in the whole environment of the School, which would be the closest and most concrete Common House that the children have".

Carrying out activities to maintain environmental conservation and raise awareness of the damage that is being caused to the planet is the objective of presenting the students who have dedicated themselves to being guardians of the environment in the basic modality. This is why the students who make up the Ecological Brigade made a circle in the middle of the gym, representing the Planet, to be blessed in their work, and this blessing to transmit it to all the children and young people of the world.

With all these actions, CEST continues to commit itself to the care of our Common Home.