The Jugend Eine Welt Clothing Swap!

Vienna, Austria

The Education Teams of Jugend Eine Welt wanted to make a statement against the unfair fashion industry! Our clothing industry still benefits from oppressive relations between the global north and the global south. Usually, tailors do not receive a fair wage and are working under hazardous conditions. Young people, especially children, are affected by this. At the same time, fashion groups benefit from the low production prices and our consumption. We wanted to set an example and raise awareness of topics such as fair-produced clothing and supply chains.

Therefore, we raised our tents on one of Vienna's busiest shopping streets and invited people for our Jugend Eine Welt clothing swap! People came by, swapped clothes and informed themselves about how fashion is produced, working conditions in certain countries and child labour. We wanted to make these global interdependencies visible and organized this event in support of Child Labor Day. The Jugend Eine Welt education team provides important educational work on topics such as Children's Rights, or Sustainable Development Goals in the context of school workshops in Austria.

We must get louder and set an example for sustainability and global justice!