Good Morning special in Recycling Week: promote sustainability

As part of Recycling Week, which ran from May 13 to 17, a special Good Morning was held at both Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca, Chile (CEST) Headquarters on May 16.

This year's motto invites the educational community to reaffirm that recycling is key to protecting our common home, promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

At both Headquarters, a video was shown about the story of Juan Carlos Bodoque from the 31 Minutes program, who arrived in Talca and wanted to know the garbage route, in the city of Talca and in the CEST. He interviewed teachers, students and parents regarding how waste is disposed of, providing some advice to continue carrying out this cleaning work.

The science teachers, in charge of the Good Morning message, continued to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. From a human and Christian perspective, they pointed out that caring for the environment is a responsibility given by God to man, to be administered with wisdom.

Students from the Ecological Brigades, as a sign, presented to the community the Ecoboxes, where waste is separated in the classrooms, promoting clean points in both CEST Headquarters.