Solar PV Training for Green Specialists and Green Facilitators at Don Bosco Tech Africa

Don Bosco Tech Africa through the Green TVET project is at the forefront of promoting environmental conservation towards a sustainable future. To achieve this, DB Tech adopted a strategy called Greening Campuses which gives the learners theoretical and practical exposure to the different green skills as they learn and practice them within the campus. The achievement of green campus will lead to a green community and the adoption of a green culture.

 To ensure the sustainability of this project, from 21st – 23rd August 2023, Don Bosco Tech Africa in partnership with solar experts Dr. George Adwek and Cyprian Njururi organized Solar PV training for Don Bosco Green Specialists and Green Facilitators.

 The objectives were:

●     To train the green specialists and green facilitators as trainers of trainers on the new solar energy regulations, technologies, and pedagogical approaches.

●     To build the capacity of the participants in developing and implementing new solar energy technologies and applying new solar regulations.

●     Orient the participants to prevailing legal provisions governing the environmental sector.

●     To develop a monitoring/performance tracking tool that will be used to collect data on the performance of the participants after the training

●     Pedagogical approaches, Bloom’s taxonomy, 21st-century approaches, and solar PV technology (components, design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs) were the topics covered during the training. The training used various training methodologies which included presentations, digital online tools, group discussions, brainstorming, online assessment tools, and hands-on practicals.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the facilitators for empowering them with knowledge and skills. In addition, they promised to cascade what they have learned to the young people and to bring about positive change in the Don Bosco TVET centres and communities surrounding them.

 Speaking on behalf of the facilitators, Dr. George Adwek thanked the participants for their active participation and enthusiasm to learn. He assured the participants that they will continue to support them to ensure the goal of the project is achieved.

 Addressing the participants Br. John Njuguna, the Deputy Director Don Bosco Tech Africa reminded them of their roles in ensuring the success of the Green TVET project. Additionally, he reminded them that they are the change champions and there should be a positive and unique transformation in the Don Bosco TVET centres in regard to environmental conservation. Don Bosco TVET centres should be models of green culture where other institutions and communities come to learn and emulate them.

 Three Green Specialists from Angola, Kenya, and Madagascar, as well as 13 Green Facilitators from Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, and Madagascar, attended the three-day workshop.