European Mobility Week

Colegio Santo Domingo Savio

Úbeda, Spain

The European Mobility Week promotes behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean and smart transport solutions. The annual theme for this year 2022 has been 'Better connections' and aims to spread the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport. This week, organized around the "Day without cars", which is celebrated on September 22, different activities are promoted to promote public transport and the recovery of spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

In our School, we have presented this campaign to both EP and ESO students, disseminating the activities organized by the City Council: free urban transport through the city on Friday 16 and bike ride on Saturday 17, as well as other initiatives that seek to promote active mobility and the use of public transport. Additionally, our EP students have had different workshops where they have been made aware of the importance of walking or cycling, explaining its operation and use of it. In short, our students have understood the importance of caring for their environment through healthy measures. In our College, we have tried to publicize the European Commission's awareness campaign on sustainable urban mobility.

The activities carried out have been:

• Introduce students and teachers to this campaign by viewing the video European Mobility Week 2022 - YouTube

• Disseminate this campaign among families through our website.

• Encourage students and teachers to travel to school by bicycle, on foot or using public transport. A large part of the teaching staff has done so.

• Prepare and place posters to encourage the use of public transport and bicycles.

• Disseminate the activities organized by the City Council on the occasion of Car-Free Day.

In Salesians, we want to take advantage of this week to promote walking to the school. In this way, in addition to reducing car travel, healthy lifestyle habits and respect for the environment are encouraged.

We encourage you to leave your car at home and walk through our beautiful city. With many small gestures, we can improve the planet that future generations will inherit.