Benzina Zero - Say Hello to Electric!

Benzina Zero is an Australian Company founded by Ben Silver and Joe D'Ercole just a few years ago. After successful business careers, they had both decided to retire early, go off-grid, spend time with family and community.


But again, in tandem, with concerns for the environment and their young children, they began Benzina Zero, No Petrol, designing and producing electric scooters and mopeds.


Importantly, they launched the 1m2 Project to create The Benzina Zero Park. How? With each product sold, they commit to buying one square meter of land, land to preserve for the future.


After developing a still expanding network of dealerships and retailers in Australia, they made the big leap to Europe, to Italy, where the roots and ties of Joe's ancestral family run deep and wide.


The Cause, which you share, is evermore urgent, vital, literally so why we are here.


Our scooters and mopeds are electric, emissions-free, easy to use, a vehicle that embodies smart, urban and green mobility. Their use reduces pollution, and frees the streets.


Another factor, in fact, one rarely mentioned, as regards the Environment, is that they are light, light of material resources!


Our Duo weighs 87 kg. What that means is that we, as persons, have extrapolated, transformed 87 kgs of resources, which we will then recycle, bury, discard.


87 kg compared to 2000 kg of an automobile which, 70% of the time, carries one single passenger. That means 2000 kg of precious material to be reprocessed, or simply piled onto the junk pile, or buried unseen, left to rot over the course of a thousand years...


Another benefit:


Imagine streets teeming with scooters, mopeds, and - yes, pedestrians, bikers, instead of cars by, say, 50%.


Picture parking lots halved, with companies adopting our electric mopeds as commuters instead of cars by a modest 50%.


Imagine your parking lot, half of the one outside your window, transformed into a park, a community playground for staff and community with trees, shrubs, games, grass.


Cars have their place, of course, but not ALL of it, which indeed they have occupied for decades.


Time now to roll back, reconquer our spaces, transform and reconnect with our urban and rural space and place for people, children, Nature.


Why? Our cause is not just selling Duo, or Sport, or Vasto models, but changing lives, greening cities, seeing trees instead of tar, seeing parks, not parking lots.


You know this. You can help. And we are in this together.


So, if you, DBGA friends and associates, can bring us to your world, your community, let's talk, work together, be this change. To know more, visit