Summary of Eco Activities done in the first semester at Salesian House La Piedad, Argentina

Here is a summary of eco activities done in the first semester, in CLAVE ECO, in the Salesian house LA PIEDAD, in Bahía Blanca (Ceferino Namuncurá Province, Argentina, South Region).

The Ñuque Mapu youth group began the year with a waste separation awareness campaign.

The RECYCLING WEEKS were carried out where 5 waste containers (2,460 kilos = destined for recycling) were received and classified. With the proceeds, waste separators were manufactured in the yard in our workshops.

We continue in the assembly of the ECO RED CASA COMUN BAHIA. Companies and institutions joined the care of the Common House.

Talks were given to girls and boys from educational institutions interested in knowing how our ECO SHED works .

They participated in the audiovisual contest called “ATR for climate change”. ECO LA PIEDAD's audiovisual called "By the Sea of Life" won first prize

180 young people continue training in ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERS, a Salesian initiative at the continental level.

Through an agreement with the UTN, a CARBON FOOTPRINT MEASUREMENT is being carried out in the Salesian house to undertake mitigation actions, to take care of our planet.