Salesian institute OSAF, Brazil awarded at the 11th “City of Trees" Environmental Preservation Award

On the 6th of June 2023, Obra Salesiana de Apoio Fraterno, from the city of Araras, State of São Paulo, Brazil, was awarded by the City Council of Councilors as one of the 3 best proposals for environmental education in the city, in the 11th Prize City of Trees. Their project, "Brotinho Cidadão" was recognized by the councilors as one of the 3 awarded initiatives at the 11th "City of Trees" Environmental Preservation Award, organized by the City Council. The event recognizes the best initiatives for preservation, awareness, protection, and environmental education in Araras.

In their project, “Brotinho Cidadão”, OSAF has mentioned all of their ecological activities for the children executed between 2019 to present day. All their activities, done even during the pandemic, have been focused on nurturing an environmental awareness among the children. During the pandemic, they produced videos for the children on how to make toys out of recyclable materials. In addition to that, they maintained their vegetable garden and sent those seeds and sprouts to the children to plant and grow them in their respective households. These activities peaked their interest in maintaining relationships within families at a time of isolation and distress. In addition to these activities, the project has also partnered with people and organizations that have helped provide seeds for the garden, and helped with education about soil nutrition.

Each child and teenager, each "Brotinho Cidadão" which translates to “Brother Citizen”, is nurtured in their work of good values and great principles, and in the future, will become the Guardian of the Common House. All their efforts have been well received by the council and they have got their due by receiving this award. We applaud the efforts of OSAF and all their initiatives through “Brothinho Cidadão”!