Teaching Youth to Beat the Heat

Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Cebu City, Philippines, 20 April 2024 -- The youth center of this parish held its monthly formation for youth on contemporary issues with a focus on managing the increased weather heat. The TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) session on “Dangers of Climate Change: Fight against Heat” was given by Mr. Ralph Gerard Padilla last April 19, 2024. Around 150 youth members of the Salesian Youth Movement, the Sponsorship Program recipients and BEC Youth of the parish were in attendance.


The talk focused on the health impact of the global rise of temperatures and how to mitigate them. Mr. Padilla noted the current El Niño weather phenomenon in Southeast Asia and the recent spikes in the heat index. He outlined the different health problems that might come with the heat and taught the attendees how to avoid them.


The Zatti Friends Club then grouped the participants into small groups for them to learn how to apply the basic first aid to common heat-related health problems. They demonstrated managing nose bleeds, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Young people simulated the cases in their groups to feel the situation and learn practical skills. With the anthropogenic climate change, the youth are directly affected by rising temperatures. Through the TGIF session, it is hoped that they become better stewards of creation, well-equipped to face a changing planet and protect themselves against the heat.