Triple-Impact Point Education

Salta-Capital, Argentina

The Ceferino Namuncurá Salesian School No. 8015 is located in the North of Argentina, precisely in the province of Salta-Capital, together with the Parish Vicariate and the Salesian Youth Movement. The school manages to daily assists 1,250 boys, girls and young people who live in vulnerable contexts.

Through its school projects, it seeks to promote the well-being of the Planet, Our Common Home. Inviting children from an early age to take part in this environmental responsibility through different activities.

The school is committed to a triple-impact point education: Family Gardens, Clean Energy and Children as explosive agents of Ecological Conversion.

Some of our projects: Solar Hot Water Tanks, Orchards and Waste Classification.

Installation of the solar water heater: The Ceferino school is carrying out articulated work together with INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) and the Vocational Training Centre No. 3174 San José (CFP works in another Salesian house: Ángel Zerda) and the professionals are informed for the installation of the solar hot water tank.

School Garden: The school has an organic garden, and while taking care of it, we work with the classification of solid waste and selecting organic materials for the preparation of compost. Thus promoting sustainable waste management. In addition, they work with the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) through the Prohuerta Program and training and seed deliveries were carried out to the families of the school.

PH01: CFP personnel working on the installation of the solar hot water tank at the Ceferino School.

PH02: Students of the Ceferino School participating in the Garden plantation.

PH03: School garden

PH04: School’s own production of peach jam.