Sustainable energy: RSB Office equips itself with Solar Panels

 In a spirit of adherence to the magisterium promoted by Pope Francis through the encyclicals Laudato Si' and Laudate Deum, which promote care for the Common Home, the Salesian Network Office of Brazil (RSB) recently completed the process of installing solar panels in the headquarters building in Brasilia. The initiative aims to contribute to the reduction of deforestation, CO2 emissions and the alteration of ecosystems.

The idea originated from the Sustainability Campaign promoted by the RSB Office in 2019, which led to concrete internal actions to reduce energy consumption, eliminate the use of plastic cups, improve waste disposal, as well as other sustainable practices with the work teams. Furthermore, the project is aligned with the proposals of the Don Bosco Green Alliance (DBGA), which prioritizes sustainability among its fields of action, as well as with the 'Dia de Doar - UPV' (Day of Giving - Union for Life), which this year promotes solidarity through sustainability initiatives.

"By adopting clean energy, with the use of photovoltaic panels, we are reaffirming our commitment to do our part in caring for the Common Home. These are concrete gestures towards a culture of sustainable consumption," said RSB Executive Director Sr Silvia Aparecida da Silva. 

The solar panel project had been presented to the RSB General Assembly before the Covid-19 pandemic, together with the Sustainability Campaign proposal, establishing a partnership with the DBGA and leading to the approval of various institutional commitments. The proposal was to go hand in hand with the Sustainability Campaign, with the aim of not only saving resources, but also contributing to the sustainability of the RSB Office. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, challenges related to the import of products, internal feasibility and adaptation of the building structure made it impractical to install the solar panels on schedule.

With the return to normality, the proposal to install the solar panels was strengthened and unanimously approved. The necessary resources were secured and the whole process went ahead, with the company 'Strom Brasil' being commissioned.

First a lot of internal work was carried out, firstly in terms of electrical organization, to check the degree of adaptation, and also in terms of structure, to check whether the RSB office was able to install solar panels here in the building. Then the actual installation took place.

"The solar panels produce enough energy each month to subsidize about 80 per cent of our consumption and in just two and a half years we will see a return on the investment made in the panels," clarified RSB Executive Coordinator Maria Dantas.

The Day of Giving is a Salesian initiative that aims to promote a culture of giving, transforming nations into more supportive and generous communities. This year, the Salesian Network Brazil (RSB), through its fundraising sector for Salesian social action in the country, the Union for Life has announced that the 2023 edition of the 'Day of Giving', scheduled for 28 November, will have a special focus on the socio-environmental perspective, to emphasize the importance of responsibility towards the environment in daily actions. 

In this context, the installation of solar panels at the RSB Office is a concrete action and a commitment by the institution and its teams to take care of the Common Home.

RSB Communication Office