e-Waste Collection Drive by GreenLine - Mumbai, India

Leading up to Republic Day 2024, GreenLine - Mumbai in collaboration with Threco, The Recycling Company, conducted an electronic waste collection drive at the Don Bosco Matunga campus from 19th to 26th January 2024. E-waste is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world contributing to a majority of waste entering our landfills. When e-waste lies mixed with other waste materials in landfills, the chemicals from electronics leach into the land and water causing pollution of the nearby environment which can lead to disastrous consequences to many.

Bearing this in mind, GreenLine hoped that with this collection drive, we raised awareness about sustainable waste management and provided a real solution for people to drop off their e-waste in our bin which was then transported to Threco’s recycling unit in Khopoli. In their Khopoli unit, the e-waste would be separated and recycled to produce useful products and unused items would be treated appropriately before mindful disposal. We received the permission from the authorities on campus to conduct this drive and also requested the support of the Shrine to make announcements to further promote this drive. With the support of several people, we were able to successfully conduct this drive.

Owing to the public participation, we received a variety of e-waste and metal scrap items including desktop monitors, keyboards, wires, appliances, mobile phones, computer parts, and more. We managed to gather 36.1 kilograms worth of e-waste from our community. We also raised awareness about the reason behind this collection drive on our social media - Instagram and WhatsApp. We aim to continue working with Threco and in the future partner with other waste management entities to help our citizens to sustainably manage their waste and protect the environment.