The Care Project - Promoting Spaces for Agroecology

New project in the works here at Casa do Puríssimo Coração de Maria in Sao Paulo, Brazil!!!

 The Care Project, through partnership with TING Environmental Action and the proponent Mater Dei Cam, has as its main objective to promote spaces for agroecology in the urban environment, participatory, nourishing people with food, experiences and knowledge, in line with environmental preservation and recovery. 🌎🧑🏽 🌾👩🏽 🌾

 The educators participating in the project had the opportunity, in this first meeting, to experience a plantation with interspecies, targeting their successor during the period of growth and harvest, in addition to a planting of sensory yards and a spiral yard for herbs and spices. 🌱🥦

 All aiming to make the most of the resources that our environment offers us. It is worth emphasizing that we could count on the presence of Nino and Janaína, family agroforestry producers who contributed a lot with their knowledge and practices in life.

 The project will follow with more meetings and then the office of social and environmental education will continue the care and work with educators!