Inter-University Webinar: Good practices in the care of creation from university pastoral care

An inter-university space of the Intercontinental University Pastoral Network, between Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador, Universidad Cristóbal Colón, Mexico and Universidad del Salvador, Argentina with 40 people present for the webinar.

The following initiatives were presented:

Universidad Don Bosco

Reciclatón UDB, a recycling initiative that generates funds for the scholarship program, and UDB's Laudato Si'circle, a university community for ecological spirituality, formation and volunteering.

 Universidad del Salvador:

Cátedra Curricular Itinerant, through which the care of the common home is linked to the tasks and assignments of different subjects transversal to the University's careers, with concrete projects for this by the students.

 Christopher Columbus University:

Presentation of the Ecological and Peace Culture Coordination, whose purpose is to offer the university community projects and actions of social responsibility in the areas of ecology and the promotion of peace.

 This event served as a formative and experiential space to give impetus to other initiatives.