Students participated in the Workshop of Environmental Leaders of Latin America

25 students from seventh to fourth scientific humanist middle school from the Salesianos Talca Educational Center, Chile, participated in the online course of the Sustainable Latin America Project, together with Professor Carla Farías, as a guide, and accompanied by the planning and development office of the Province of Santiago .

This project presented four education modules, such as: global environmental problems-international and local agendas; comprehensive development approaches; green campus initiatives; and advocacy and alliance management.

Students will receive a certification upon completion of the process, in the first week of June. This initiative is part of line number six of the Provincial Organic Project (POI), since in Latin America and the Caribbean 5 thousand young people have been educated as environmental leaders, integrating the 16 Salesian provinces of the territory.

Thanks to the networking of the Salesian provinces, more than 250 young people in Chile have received training in various locations, including Iquique, Concepción, La Cisterna, Oratorio Don Bosco, Domingo Savio de San Ramón, Linares, Monsignor Fagnano and the Salesian Educational Center Talca.