Shaping Your Destiny: Reflections for a Brighter Future

- Leann Dsouza

"What are we doing with our lives, and how do we envision our lives?". It is a very broad and open-ended question that allows each of us to express our dreams and aspirations.

As a starting point, let us share our individual goals and dreams for a better future. It could be related to our personal lives, our careers, our community, society, or even the environment. What is it that motivates us and gives us purpose? Do we have a vision of how we want the world to be? Do we have a career plan? Do we have certain ideas of how our society, community life, or life in the church should be?

Additionally, what are our aspirations for wildlife and biodiversity? We all want to ensure that wild animals and birds have space on the planet. What are the things that we need to complete to make that happen?

It is essential to note that each thought and aspiration is important, and it is our chance to bring all of it to the forefront. We may be surprised to discover that someone out there shares the same dream as us. It is important not to let our dreams and aspirations go away because there is still a lot to achieve in our lives.

We have the power to transition to 100% renewable energy, and it all begins with believing in its power. We can ensure sufficient food for everyone by sharing a little more, and we have the capacity to love and care more by believing and giving more. The power to transform the world begins with our hearts, and it begins by believing, seeking, and participating in dialogue.

This is an opportunity for us to come forward and make our contribution towards a better future. So, let us reflect on our aspirations and dreams, and share it within our community and see how we can work together to achieve them.