Salesianos Kids celebrates National Health and Nutrition Day

National Health and Nutrition Day was created in order to raise awareness of the Brazilian population of the need to ingest nutritious food.

Therefore, to encourage the preschool kids of Salesiano Kids, Aracaju, Brazil to eat healthily, the teachers taught the children the benefits of fruits to our bodies. And of course, they had fruit salad for everybody!

Babies, children, teenagers, and adults should eat healthily. Good nutrition and quality of life go together.

It is through the consumption of healthy food that the body receives enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals to maintain its functioning in the best way and prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and several others.

Intake of food directly impacts children's learning process, and can even interfere with the development of cognitive abilities.

And we all know that the first habits are acquired in childhood, often through the influence of people who live with children. Therefore, it is crucial that healthy habits are encouraged from a young age, not only by family but also by the school.