Cut The Ego, Not The Trees


Don Bosco School, Kokar – Ranchi, India

Mr. Preet Prakash

Co-ordinator, Don Bosco Green Alliance

In an endeavour to continue with the culture of having thought-provoking and informative programmes, Don Bosco Green Alliance members along with other students of Don Bosco School, Kokar – Ranchi conducted an awareness programme on the theme ‘Cut the ego, not the trees’ on 15th July 2022. Through this programme, the staff and students aimed at spreading the message of saving trees and providing suggestions to preserve them.

To instil a caring attitude towards our surrounding flora, the students staged a musical drama emphasizing the need to save trees and the urge to plant them. Through an absorbing enactment, the young people showcased how cutting trees to build malls or polluting the surrounding is obliterating the future. The skit was a wake-up call and an exhortation to everyone to take utmost care of nature. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese, emphasized the practice of 3R's- Recycle, Reuse and Refuse and the benefits of going green.