Waste Management Awareness Program - Don Bosco College, Tamil Nadu, India

Do you know how a biogas plant works? 🌿♻️

The students at Don Bosco College 📌Yelagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, India, have learned this at school - and are very enthusiastic! 🏠📗🙌

During an awareness program on the topic of waste and waste management, a very special experiment was also on the agenda 💡.

A biogas plant was put into operation in the school! The students fed it with degradable waste, such as cow manure, food waste and other agricultural leftovers. 🐮🥕🚜

They were amazed, because the wastewater from the biogas plant can be used as fertilizer at the same time! 💪

Fascinated, the boys and girls understood: With this plant, they can reduce waste, use it as a valuable resource and generate energy from it! 💡♻️🙌

That's why the students took a close look at how the biogas plant works.

Maybe such a great waste recycling and energy generation plant could also be installed at their home?  🏠😊