Better Environment for Better Tomorrow

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra undertook the Tree Plantation to save the environment in the villages of Ahmednagar district (Maharashtra, India) through the deployment of Kesar Mango Saplings. They have been planting 3000 mango saplings during this season with a 90% survival rate. Along with the plantation, the people will be made aware of the ill effects of climate change on society. This initiative will also raise the income level of the farmers through the plantation of the fruit trees.

The mainstay of the rural economy is agriculture and allied occupations; about 85 % of the rural population is engaged in agriculture and agricultural labour. Traditional agriculture is characterized by low levels of inputs and poor management practices. These conditions further deteriorate due to uncertain rains and lack of irrigation facilities. This initiative ‘Better Environment for Better Tomorrow’ (Tree plantation) aims at helping the farmers to provide long-term sustainable income & keeping the environmental balance in the Nagar block of Ahmednagar district.