Opening of the Ecological Club at the Don Bosco Primary School in Soyapango, El Salvador

Soyapango, El Salvador - March 2024 – The students at Don Bosco primary school in Soyapango opened their new ecology club, which aims to promote care for the planet. The opening ceremony was chaired by the club's Councillor, Dr Morena Díaz, in collaboration with the school's religion teachers. The event also paid tribute to Mr. Samuel Bonilla, one of the collaborators of the work in the gardening sector, who took part in the ceremony and supported the students in the planting of a small shrub as a symbolic act of commitment to nature. This type of activity is in line with the proposals made in the Overall Provincial Plan (OPP) of the Salesian Province of Central America (CAM) and with an institutional agreement with the Don Bosco Green Alliance.