Environmental and Sanitary Engineering enriches students of Don Bosco College, Porto Alegre, Brazil 

The students of Dom Bosco College, Porto Alegre, Brazil from the Water Quality Group of the Environmental and Sanitary Engineering course, had the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with the third year high school class of the Alberto Torres State School for extension activity. Students were able to participate in experiments and analysis of water quality, carried out by college students. It was an opportunity for young people to experience in practice what they learned in the classroom, in addition to awakening their interest in the area of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. The visit of the third year class from the Alberto Torres State School was very enriching for both groups. College students had the chance to share their knowledge and experiences, while high school students were able to learn in a practical way about the importance of water quality and how Environmental and Sanitary Engineering contributes to preserving it. These extension activities are essential to disseminate knowledge and raise environmental awareness in young students. Through these experiences, they were able to understand the importance of caring for the environment and the conscious use of water resources. We hope that this partnership can be extended and bring more and more benefits to both groups and to the environment as a whole. Professor Isabel Damin, from water quality, and teacher Josiane Ladelfo, from the school, accompanied the students in the teaching-learning process together with course coordinator Professor Luciane Salvi.