CEST, Chile participated in Fire Prevention Workshop dictated by CONAF

Professor Nicolás Ulloa Ravello, biology and science teacher, in charge of the CEST (Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca) Environmental Care Team, participated in the “Environmental Education Workshop, aimed at the prevention of forest fires, face-to-face methodology, for basic and secondary education teachers. and professional technician”, which was carried out by the Regional Directorate of CONAF, of the Ministry of Agriculture, on December 7, at the Captain Ignacio Carrera Pinto High School in Colbún.

The objective is to generate a space for practical, experiential teaching and learning, for the incorporation of environmental education content, prevention and combating of forest fires in the educational curriculum.

Among the topics, the following were addressed first: environmental education focused on forest fires, concepts, the environment, biodiversity, sustainability, quality of life, global warming, what is CONAF, exotic forests, native forests, forest fires, causes and damages potentials. Secondly, the topic of forest fire prevention, prepared communities, interface, preventive forestry, controlled burning, firebreaks, importance of environmental education to prevent forest fires and FORESTRY in the classroom was discussed.

 And as another important topic was discussed, wild areas protected by the State, species with conservation problems, park rangers, management plans in ASP, forest fire protection plans (IF) in protected wild areas (ASP), use zone public, regulations for public use, regulations for the use of fire for visitors in SNASPE, penalties in the event of a forest fire.

This workshop was organized by the South Central Zone Future Network, O'Higgins and Maule regional, dependent on the Executive Secretariat of Secondary Technical and Professional Education of the MINEDUC.