New trees for Arbor Day - Don Bosco Agricultural School, Cametu, Chile

Arbor Day is a day dedicated in many countries to the planting of trees.

The Don Bosco Agricultural School in Cametu, Chile, celebrated Arbor Day - and not just with nice words: school director Nataly Araya Baquedeno took up the spade herself!

Together with the students, she planted young shrubs and native palm species. In the greenhouse, they inspect the progress of the tree seedlings planted four years ago.

The director knows the years of care have paid off: "We've taken care of them for four years, now they'll take care of us for the next 100 years." 

In the face of regional water scarcity, the consequences of global warming, and advancing species extinction, these trees may indeed provide an important local counterweight in the decades to come!

The action for the Day of the Tree shows that we all need to take care of our environment and give the topic a permanent place in schools worldwide!