Construction of a Biodigester at the School: One more step towards a Sustainable Future.

Catemu Agricultural School, Chile is proud to announce the beginning of an exciting and significant project: the construction of a biodigester at our facilities. This project is part of an international collaboration with the Bonn, Germany procurement office and marks an important step in our commitment to sustainability and environmental education.

The biodigester is being installed in the piggery sector of our school and will serve as an innovative technology that will transform organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizers. This process will not only allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, but will also provide us with a source of sustainable energy and organic fertilizer for our agricultural activities.

A special feature of this project is the active participation of our students. Various course groups are being invited to witness and participate in the installation phases of the biodigester. This provides our students with a valuable opportunity to learn firsthand how this technology works and to understand the positive impact it will have on our school and the environment.

The biodigester is a testament to our commitment to environmental education and respect for nature. Not only will we be producing energy sustainably and reducing our organic waste, but we will also be providing our students with the opportunity to engage in practical solutions to today's environmental challenges.

We thank our international partners in Bonn, Germany, for making this project possible and look forward to seeing how this biodigester improves our sustainability and enriches our students' educational experiences. Catemu Agricultural School reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability and the formation of environmentally conscious citizens.