Plugs for a New Life

Salesianos Loyola de Aranjuez, Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain

By Patricia Sánchez Menchero

We present the new project in which we have launched with great enthusiasm from Salesianos Loyola de Aranjuez, a project promoted by the Seur Foundation, "Caps for a new life"®, which consists of collecting plastic caps to help children with health problems.A project that seeks to give new life to children up to 18 years old who need treatment, surgery, orthopedic equipment, etc. not regulated in public health. And new life for a plastic, that of caps, which is recycled, and otherwise would end up indiscriminately in landfills.

The objectives are:

• Help children without resources to access unregulated medical treatment in the health system in order to improve their quality of life by recycling plastic caps.

• Provide children without resources with orthopedic devices that are not provided by other means by recycling plastic caps.

• Encouraging and sensitizing our students, families and staff of the center in general, to collaborate through their actions to carry out an easy, but important social action.

• We have raised awareness in Good Morning and Good Afternoon in the different stages of the center. inviting them to recycle and take care of the environment, and promoting social action linked to environmental action.

• We have already facilitated the delivery of two bags of earplugs, this time to help Leo, an 8-year-old boy with Hirschsprung's disease and Down syndrome, who needs aquatic therapy sessions to improve his quality of life.

In addition, we collaborate with ecopilas, for the residual management of batteries and batteries