CEST, Chile students will participate in an electrical and electronic waste recycling project at UCM

In the framework of managing internships with higher education centers in careers or modules related to the specialties of the CEST, and to install a culture of environmental care, five students from the Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca (CEST), Chile are participating in the Technological Reconversion Project being developed by the Universidad Católica del Maule (UCM). The objective of the project is for students to acquire knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in relation to electrical and electronic waste and understand their environmental impact, in order to develop awareness of the need to recycle and reuse.

Students Vicente Illanes and Cristóbal Montecinos from 4°C, and students Bairon Núñez, Maximiliano Mancilla and Julián Morales from 4°E joined this project by attending the first class-laboratory on April 2nd, and so every Tuesday afternoon, in the UCM classrooms, together with the UCM students, during April and May 2024.

The students will participate in satisfaction surveys, to incorporate improvements in future implementations of the methodology. This project will end on May 16 with a closing day between UCM and CEST.

 The people in charge of implementing this project from CEST are Luis Saavedra, coordinator of the Technical Professional Area and Lucas Olave, in charge of the Electricity Production Sector; and from the Universidad Católica del Maule, Mary Carmen Jarur Muñoz, an academic from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

 This environmental care proposal responds to the global challenges related to the management of electronic waste and the implementation of sustainable development goals, and is also aligned with the regional and national reality, demonstrating the commitment of UCM and CEST to sustainable development and the training of professionals aware of their impact on the environment.