CEST, Chile students in conversation with the Maule Region's Secretary of the Environment

In the framework of continuing training in environmental education, the Maule Region's Environment Secretary, Daniela de La Jara, and the environmental expert, Daniela Martínez, held a discussion on climate change and its effects on the planet, for students of the Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca (CEST), who are part of the ecological brigade of the humanistic scientific and professional technical high school, and course presidents of the same modalities.

 The Secretary Daniela de La Jara, in the presentation, motivated the students to continue strengthening the initiatives they are already carrying out in the school to take care of the planet, above all, she urged them to remain organized working on strategies for environmental care.

 Daniela Martínez was in charge of the central presentation of the activity, where she explained what climate change is, adding that it refers to changes in climatic characteristics such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, winds and severe weather phenomena over a prolonged period of time.

 Prior to the meeting with students, the Secretary met with school principals to coordinate upcoming activities related to the environment in schools. Regarding her appreciation of the actions of the Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca, Daniela de La Jara said she was pleased to see and feel in situ the involvement of the educational communities in caring for the environment. "We realize that in addition to environmental certification processes, other strategies are being carried out to advance and incorporate in the mind and in the educational culture the care of the environment and also with a look and perspective of the future, so that students can translate this knowledge, and this concern in their future jobs and professions".

 The Secretary congratulated the management and the educational community for these initiatives.

 The activity, which took place on October 10 at the CEST South Campus, in conjunction with the Environment Committee and the CEST Technical Professional Area, was developed in alliance with the Ministry of Education's Technical Future Network, which is currently working in the O'Higgins and Maule regions.