Green Activities at San Francisco de Sales' school in Argentina


On July 5th, within the framework of the "Sanfra Verde" project, the students of the third years of high school had a talk with Simon Ingouville about composting and the CCC method (Cardboard Basket Composting). This is a simple and effective method, ideal for those families who live in urban areas, in apartment buildings or who do not have land space in their homes, like most of our students.

The students listened carefully to the presentation in English, participated and consulted everything using the language. In addition, they not only practiced the use of the language, but also raised awareness about the subject.


At San Francisco de Sales School we want to promote everything in our hands to help reduce the waste we generate. That is why we invite all families to join this proposal by making Love Bottles in each home.

What are the Love Bottles? The Love Bottles raise awareness about the importance of environmental education and specifically about the amount of waste we generate every day. These are bottles in which "single-use" plastic waste is placed.

What are single-use plastics? Film papers, food wrappers, lollipop sticks, supermarket and airtight bags, disposable tableware, coffee and juice sachets, balanced food bags, sachets, pens (without the spring and metal tip) and toothbrushes.

On August 30th, the girls and boys of the 4 year old kindergarten classrooms shared the second activity of the project "Caring for our Common Home" with their godparents of the 1st year of secondary school.

On this occasion, the experience was carried out in the kindergarten classrooms. The activity included the use of an "Augmented Reality" application.


On September 6th, the "Green SanFra Day" was held to raise awareness about environmental care. Each proposal was led by teachers and students of the High School, with visits from 5th and 6th grade.

We hope that everyone was able to experience this proposal as a community learning and service experience for the construction of a better world.

On September 20th, an articulation activity was carried out between the primary and secondary levels.

The 3rd grade students of the advanced English level prepared games for the 4th grade students in order to learn new vocabulary about the care of the environment, within the institutional project "SanFra Verde".


On October 6th, the godfathers and godmothers of the Secondary Level along with their godchildren of the 4 year old classrooms carried out a new activity of the environmental educational project "Caring for the Common House".

On this occasion, they shared a healthy breakfast, listened together to a story and planted seeds and seedlings in the Early Level garden to continue caring.