Don Bosco Youth Leadership Camp amidst nature, Mumbai

Don Bosco Youth Services organized a leadership camp at Uttan, Mumbai, which was held amidst nature along the picturesque path of a nearby beach. The participants immersed themselves in prayer and fellowship, engaged in team-building activities, and attended sessions on leadership. The camp included a range of nature-based activities, such as the Holy Eucharist in nature, the Way of the Cross, Nature Meditation, campfire, and beach games.

The Holy Eucharist in nature provided an opportunity for the participants to connect with their faith while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. The Way of the Cross helped them reflect on the suffering of Jesus Christ and the importance of perseverance. The Nature Meditation allowed them to quiet their minds and be present in the moment, appreciating the natural surroundings. The campfire created a sense of community and warmth, while the beach games provided a chance for the participants to bond over friendly competition.

Overall, the leadership camp at Uttan was a well-rounded experience that not only taught the participants valuable leadership skills but also allowed them to connect with nature, their faith, and each other.