Tree Plantation in Ciudad Don Bosco, Medellin, Colombia

Don Bosco Green Alliance

July 24, 2019

The First Tree Of 3999 Trees and A Recognition in The Advanced Level for Ciudad Don Bosco in Medellin Colombia. A good example of how a green campus can be implemented is Ciudad Don Bosco in Medellín, Colombia.

By 2018 they have received recognition at the advanced level for contributing to compliance with legal parameters and requirements, as well as developing actions that exceed minimum legal compliance and demonstrating clear improvement efforts by applying the principles of the National Policy on Sustainable Consumption and Production. For having initiatives that incorporate environmental management as an integrative theme in its organizational structure and include it in strategic planning. For recognizing the social and economic conditions of the interested parties and use them to propose improvement programs that include and help to strengthen them.

The Sustainability Business Recognition Program is a program of the Aburra Valley Metropolitan Area that seeks to promote and stimulate the management and socio-environmental performance of the productive and business sectors in the region, through the honorary recognition of sustainable business management (

In order to continue contributing to the environment, Ciudad Don Bosco has among other measures, planted the first tree in the institution by the Director, out of a total of 3999 to be planted on the Institution’s premises.

We are also happy to share with you their video on environmental actions in the institutions which are supported by employees, children, and management.

Congratulations on your achievement and your great contribution to the environment!