“No Plastics Day” Program at Don Bosco College, Yelagiri Hills


The objective of the “No Plastics Day” program was to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution and promote sustainable practices among the students and staff of Don Bosco College.

 Program Schedule

●     Time: 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

●     Activity: Students from each department participated in an oath-taking ceremony, pledging to reduce plastic use and promote eco-friendly alternatives.

●     Time: 11:20 AM - 11:45 AM

●     Activity: Master Sanjay the president of Green Hills club delivered a speech on the significance of No Plastic Day, highlighting the origins and importance of eradicating plastic pollution.

●     Speaker: Fr. Charles Grace

●     Activity: Fr. Charles Grace provided practical ways to reduce plastic pollution and encouraged sustainable practices among the students. During the break time, awareness posters were displayed in front of the Jubilee Hall to visually reinforce the message of the campaign.

 Expected Outcomes

●     Increased Awareness: The program aimed to increase awareness among students and staff about the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

●     Commitment to Change: Students were encouraged to commit to reducing plastic use and adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

●     Enhanced Community Engagement: The initiative sought to promote a culture of cleanliness and environmental responsibility through community engagement.


The “No Plastics Day” program successfully instilled a sense of environmental responsibility among the students and staff of Don Bosco College. The various activities conducted throughout the day, such as the oath-taking ceremony and speeches, created a lasting impact and encouraged a shift towards more sustainable practices within the college community. The Green Hills Club hopes to continue promoting such initiatives to foster a greener and more sustainable environment.