Environmental Education with Don Bosco Explorers

Los Alerces National Park, Chubut, Argentina welcomed the 35th Father José Parolini battalion from the Salesian Explorer Movement of Esquel. 80 explorers from the neighborhoods of Esquel and Trevelin participated in these activities throughout the year.

"Many did not know places in the Park beyond the Futalaufquen Lake head, where they go with their families. Thus, in a context of environmental education, they were able to understand that the Los Alerces National Park is much wider and includes different regions and activities," said one of the explorer leaders.

They did different trails and camped with low impact criteria: the waste generated was composted and eco-bottles were made with the inorganic waste. Each group was able to choose their name during the experience and chose to name themselves after native animals of the region. The activity took place in January and, despite some rainy moments, strengthened knowledge about PNLA, the environment, and natural resources that led to the park being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In Argentina, there are around 100 battalions belonging to the Salesian youth movement, which promotes these activities in which children come into contact with nature and carry out actions with social and environmental impact.