Workshop On Biogas Production

Don Bosco College(Co-Ed), Yelagiri Hills

Tamil Nadu, India – 23 January 2023

Don Bosco Cares for our Common Home (DBCCH), Don Bosco College (Co-Ed), Yelagiri Hills has done an awareness programme on waste management, as a part of it, students started the Biogas plant for an experiment in the college. Degradable waste like cow dung, agricultural waste and food waste was added as a source of biogas plant and the effluent can be used as a fertilizer. Students were very interested in doing this Biogas plant as it converts waste into energy. Students have learnt about the biogas plant, its benefits, working principle and process of the plant. Since the biogas plant utilizes waste as wealth and reduces waste, students were very interested in learning about and implementing the biogas plant in their homes.