Don Bosco School Of Americana

Americana, São Paulo, Brazil

Did you know that the plastic bottle cap, that's right, the one from soda, juice and water that you ignore and throw in the trash is changing the lives of almost 1,400 people with disabilities, only here in Americana?

The Apae's Tampinha Solidária project, which aims to raise awareness and mobilize the whole society to give a correct destination to plastic residues - those that accompany us for several hours in our daily life, and always become a villain to the population - has been contributing to the movement of a solidary and sustainable economy of social institutions, such as Apae of Americana.

The Don Bosco School of Americana has already started this project of collecting the bottle caps a few years ago, however, now we are re-launching the campaign with all the students, collaborators, family members and the entire community, including the entire Salesian Work in Americana (Unisal, Social Work and Parish).

The project "Tampinha Solidária" has been organized by the institution Apae of Americana, which welcomes and performs necessary actions (in health, education, socialization and labour market) for children, youth and adults with some kind of disability, besides promoting the exchange of information and inclusion in various social spaces. With this, there is a mobilization of society to doing good, and this leads to an increase in the quality of life for all.