Agroecology course conclusion at Salesian Agricultural School of Catemu, Chile

The Salesian Agricultural School of Catemu is proud to announce the successful conclusion of a 20-hour agroecology course, designed to enrich the training of its fourth-grade students. The program was carried out at the school's Agroecological Center and had the collaboration of various renowned institutions.


Over five days, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of topics related to agroecology, taught by experts from various institutions. Some of the featured topics included “Ecosystems and Water Resources,” presented by the National Botanical Garden; "Organic Applications and Biological Pest Control", offered by the CFTPUCV; and "Organic Veterinary Medicine and Biodigesters", taught by the UDLA, among others.


This course not only expanded students' knowledge in fundamental areas of agroecology, but also provided them with valuable practical tools that they can apply in their future as farmers and agroecology professionals.


The week culminated with a certificate ceremony, where students received recognition for their participation and dedication in the course. These certificates are not only a testament to your commitment to continuing education, but will also enrich your resumes as you prepare to take the next step in your educational and career paths.


The Salesian Agricultural School of Catemu is proud to provide its students with high-quality educational opportunities and thanks its collaborating institutions for their contribution to training the next generation of leaders in agroecology.