University Students from the Silva Henríquez Catholic University Cultivate Environmental Awareness and Solidarity in Lo Cañas, Chile

The Silva Henríquez Catholic University, Lo Cañas Campus, Chile, has taken terms such as common good and integral human development to a new level, thanks to the work of its students.

 After having dedicatedly planted medicinal, native and autochthonous plants during the past semesters, this autumn season the seed collection has been carried out.

 These events were carried out within the framework of the curricular activities of the Faculty of Health Sciences, in particular, in the field of phytotherapy, medicinal gardens and the production of natural products by Professor Valeska Leiva.

 With this in mind, the students have not only strengthened the relationship with caring for the environment, but they also obtained self-care tools and the identity of the territory.

 The commitment of these students also extends beyond the boundaries of campus. They are committed to the need to share the knowledge and resources they have acquired with vulnerable communities. Therefore, these harvests mark not only the culmination of their efforts over several semesters but also the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of those who need it most.

 Additionally, these students are engaged in critical thinking about various dimensions of human, social, and cultural experience. Such knowledge helps them identify some philosophical and humanistic principles that guide their conduct, assuming well-founded ethical positions in their work. When teaching implicit people, whether individually or collectively, they play a very important role as integral facilitators. They train students who are sensitive to the needs of communities working for the humanization of health.

 The students of the Silva Henríquez Catholic University are sowing seeds of change. They are not only growing plants, but also values ​​of service, community well-being and integral human development. His work is a living testimony of a Christian humanist conception in action.