Water is life - Salesianos Úbeda, Spain

Following is an activity carried out with 5 year olds in Infant Education at Salesianos Úbeda in Spain to celebrate Water Day, as part of the Eco Lent Campaign: Turn off the tap.

 On 22nd March we celebrate World Water Day.

In infants we celebrate this day by raising awareness among our children about the reasonable consumption of water in our daily lives. Coinciding with the end of our 5 year old project, the solar system, we see the importance of water for planet earth.

 It is everyone's duty to take care of our water resources, as well as to raise awareness that water is one of nature's most precious resources, due to the role it plays in the life of all living beings. We have seen, on the one hand, the importance of water in the life of human beings, animals and plants, and on the other hand, how to use it responsibly.

 We have been able to see, in our garden, how to water the plants without wasting a drop of water and how at home we can help with responsible consumption. It has become very clear to us that we should take a shower instead of a bath, that when we brush our teeth we have to turn off the tap, that plants need water but in the right measure... With all the activities we have done, none of this will be forgotten!

 Happy water day... for responsible consumption. Together we can do it.